About BirdWatchingPro

As of January 2023, Bird Watching Pro has a new owner, a passionate Bird Watcher who grew up spending many fresh mornings out and about with his binoculars round his neck and ready to be used at any moment!

My name is Will and I have an immense love for nature and bird watching, I will admit I don’t get nearly enough time to spend in the outdoors these days, however I am hoping that my passion, knowledge and interest will echo throughout the pages of this website.

I’d also love to connect with others who have a similar passion for bird watching, please feel free to bookmark our website, send an email and introduce yourself. Also, if anyone has any recommendations or requests for the website, please feel free to share, you can contact me right here.

For now I will love you and leave you, I look forward to sharing my bird watching passion with you all.

Our Team

We’re currently building out our team of passionate, knowledgeable bird watchers and photographers, starting off with Imogen Warren.

Imogen Warren

Imogen Warren Bird Photographer

I am originally from the UK and in 2007, I emigrated to New Zealand to begin a new career as a primary school teacher. Once there, I began to fall in love with birds. Bird watching is really difficult in New Zealand as native species have been decimated since the arrival of European settlers. I started photographing birds as a record of what I had seen and fell in love with that too. I moved to a Ramsar estuary on the North Island and found what was lacking in New Zealand bush birds, was made up for with incredible birds I found along the river and ocean. 

My love affair with New Zealand and its birds lasted 15 years. During that time I was lucky enough to see a lot of the very rare, endemic birds as well as the amazing seabirds that New Zealand has easy access to. My absolute highlight was in 2017, when a young Australasian Bittern arrived at the estuary. Initially unconcerned by humans it hung around for a couple of weeks and I got some great shots including a sequence following it hunting for an eel, digging and catching it and then eating it, despite the eel’s protests. This series got me to the final of New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year and, naturally, I was thrilled.