Bird Stuck in Garage Omen

Bird Stuck in Garage Superstition: Is it a good or bad omen?

Many different cultures hold different beliefs and superstitions about birds. Birds are magnificent animals. They are beautiful, ethereal, and hold a particular mystery. It comes as no surprise then that when some people encounter birds, they are unsure whether or not it is a good sign. So is a bird stuck in a garage an omen? 

The majority of opinions and views is that a bird could symbolize a messenger from above. Whether that’s the universe, fate, God, or even ancestors that have passed on. The first response is often that a bird in the house is a bad omen.

What does it mean if a bird flies into my house?

Author Note: Sometimes, a bird flies into a room simply to look for food or even for shelter. They sometimes get stuck simply because they are lost, bewildered, and unsure how to get out. This is the first step in deciphering whether a bird stuck in your garage is an omen.

Let’s put aside other opinions and beliefs for now. Instead, let’s take a look at what it could implicate. So if a bird flies into your garage or your home, it often does so unwittingly. It is looking for food, or perhaps just flying normally and then found itself in a room without an exit strategy.

As humans, we all can relate to that. We are stumbling along, going about our daily lives when we suddenly find ourselves in a trap or a situation that feels like a trap. This can be a dead-end job that seems to suck the soul right out of you, a relationship that seemed alright, and then suddenly you realize it’s toxic. Or any mistake along those lines.

And the common denominator? You can’t see a way out. You might get in your head about it and start to panic in your mind. The bird does the same. It begins to panic and may even harm itself as it desperately tries to escape. If you have a bird that has flown into your garage or home and acts this way, ask yourself where in your life you may be experiencing this.

And just like the bird needs a helping hand to escape its man-made prison, maybe you need to reach out to a friend you trust. While no one else can ‘fix’ your problems, they could offer an alternative solution. 

Sometimes we get so stuck in our heads with our toxic situations that we cannot see through the fog to a clear solution. Maybe the bird has arrived to offer you a timely lesson and to remind you that you are never stuck. Just look for a different perspective, and you might just see a healthy way to exit. 

Auspices: Bird Signs and What They Might Mean

why do birds sing in the evening

Our Italian descendants classified birds in the sky in two different categories. And, before we continue, it’s important to note that not all birds signified a message from the great beyond. 

The two different kinds of bird messengers were alites and oscines.

Author Note: Both types could be either positive or not, and this interpretation depended on the bird’s behavior. The oscines were chickens, owls, crows, and ravens. The alites were vultures, eagles, and ‘others.’ 

The oscines were not always harbingers of positive messengers. Their messages were either lucky or not, depending on where they sang according to the angur. The alites were interpreted based on their flight patterns and actions. What’s more, the message also depended on the time of year and other accompanying sounds and movements. 

In ancient Italy, not all birds in the sky were viewed as meaningful signs or messages from gods. They observed two kinds of birds: oscines and alites.

Reading bird behavior was not only for those looking for symbolic meaning. The military also relied on birds dancing (called Ex tripudio, or the dances of feeding birds). Military expedition planners would read these dances for extra guidance. Chickens were also a popular addition for troops.

These chickens would accompany troops going to war. Why? Well, to watch how the chickens would dance for the food on the ground, of course. They would keep the birds in cages until the floor was full of their favorite food, and then they would watch how the chickens would behave.

This was only used when they needed extra guidance, so it reasons that they used the chicken behavior to channel guidance from above. It was bad omens if the chickens flew away, slapped about, and crowed without eating the food. It was a good omen if the chickens (at least one of them) came out of the cage to eat the food. 

So what does this mean for you?

Well, if you’re wondering whether or not a bird in your garage is a good omen, there are a few things to consider. Here’s what the ancient Romans used to read the signs from the great beyond:

First up, what bird is it?

Close-up of a blue tit at a birdhouse

There are many different opinions regarding the type of bird. Most importantly, it depends on the bird’s significance to you personally. There are many different types of birds; scavengers, predators, waterbirds, and songbirds. You need to decipher what the type of bird signifies for you.

Most people find crows intimidating, but if you have a good association with them, they may not be bringing a bad omen. There are also specific color associations. We’ll touch on the color significance in a little bit. 

Secondly, what type of sound is the bird making? 

Birds can make beautiful sounds, and they can also sing eerie songs. If the bird is in a flat panic, it won’t necessarily make a beautiful sound. Decide whether you hear a mournful sound or a joyful sound. And then, take a moment to feel what the bird’s sound evokes within you.

Sure, we could list what each bird and their song could symbolize, but each person can have their own interpretation. There is no one-size-fits-all. As we mentioned, the crow is often a negative symbol for many people. But for others, the crow is a positive symbol. In many traditions, the crow is an ally and offers powerful spiritual medicine. For others, the crow and the raven could be symbols of something more sinister.

But most importantly, put aside everything else you’ve read and heard. Instead, even if for just a moment, quiet the chatter in your mind and listen. Feel, what emotion, feeling, or even memory is evoked? 

Author Note: Another thing to keep in mind is how sociable the bird is. Is it a lone wolf, or does it stay in a large family? Read up on the bird’s behaviors. It could all offer insight into the kind of medicine and omen the visitor is bringing. 

Thirdly, how is the bird acting? Whether the bird is panicked because it is trapped or quietly sitting, these can all be indicators of the meaning. 

What color is the bird?

Now it’s time to get back to a bird’s color. Different colors are associated with different emotions and meanings. But before you dismiss this as simple hippie talk, let’s consider for a moment what different colors really mean. And we say really, because we mean quite literally.

Colors are no accident. They are refractions of light. The ‘color’ white is technically a tone, meaning that it is devoid of all light. White is what is left when all color is refracted. Black is technically a shade. Black is the shade when all color has been absorbed. There is no ‘good’ and ‘bad.’

Colors appear as they are due to their frequency. Colors are what they are because of energy- yes, that strange phenomena that new-age enthusiasts refer to are real. Energy makes up everything, and we mean everything in the universe.

Frequency is the term given to the speed at which the atoms are oscillating. So, if a color is green, for example, it is because of what energy is moving and absorbed to give off the green hue we see. We don’t have to go into more detail to see that colors can mean more than just the face value that we see.

They are literally the color because of energy. So, now you can understand why colors are important to emotions, how we respond, and how we feel. 

Black: the ‘baddest’ of them all?

pair of starling birds close up nesting in roof

Black has been given a bad rap for long enough. Black-colored animals are often feared. Black sheep? Bad rap. Black cats? Bad luck or witchcraft. Black birds? Bad omens. But, this is simply sensationalist and not a true reflection. 

People fall into the trap of believing that black is synonymous with evil. And this is simply not true- it is a lazy viewpoint. 

Is Seeing a Black Bird Bad Luck?

So, we’ve covered that black doesn’t always mean bad, and crows are not also a negative omen. In shamanic traditions, the crow and the raven are revered messengers. 

Among other things, this is what the color of the bird could symbolize:

  • White Birds symbolize purity, innocence, and truth.
  • Black birds symbolize dreams, the unconscious, and shadows. Again, shadows here are not a negative thing. Shadow work is the most powerful work you can do for yourself if you are on a self-awareness journey. 
  • Red Birds symbolize passion, heat, warning.
  • Blue Birds symbolize happiness, sadness, truth, clarity, the unknown.
  • Yellow birds symbolize happiness, a warning, joy, freedom (or lack of it).

The above list of colors and what they could symbolize is merely suggestive.


There is never a cookie-cutter answer when seeking answers to questions like omens and the likes thereof. They are interpretive, and no, someone other than yourself will not give you a true clear-cut answer. That, my friend, has to come from you.

Sure, people and even articles such as this will offer guidance. But remember, the guidance is just that- a guide. Use the information to travel into your own feelings and subconscious because that’s where you will find the honest answer for the omen and the message the bird stuck in your garage is bringing you.

And, of course, it could simply be a case of a lost bird looking for a way out. There are omens all around us in daily life. At the same time, there are also no omens around us. Whether or not you want to see an omen is up to you. Everything could have a message for us, if we choose to read them, that is.

We hope you enjoyed this article on if a bird stuck in a garage is an omen.

Fly high friends!


How to get a bird out of your garage?

To get a bird out of your garage, open the garage door and any windows, and place a ladder or chair near an open window or door. Wait patiently for the bird to fly out on its own, and if the bird appears injured or unable to fly, contact a wildlife rehabilitation center for assistance.

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