Do Crows Kill Pigeons

Do Crows Kill & Eat Pigeons? Everything you need to know (Jan. 23)

Crows are, by nature, opportunistic with their hunting. Pigeons are found in abundance in many areas. This is especially true for developed areas, where crows can be seen scavenging the streets for food. Pigeons are easy prey for crows, as well as other birds of prey. But the crow is not your usual aggressive bird of prey. So do crows kill pigeons?

Yes, crows do kill pigeons. While this may seem disturbing to the average city goer, it is a part of nature. Crows kill and eat pigeons as part of their natural diet. Crows are considered predatory birds and will eat pigeons along with many other small animals.

Let’s see why. 

Why Do Crows Kill Pigeons? 

Two hooded crows feasting from a feral pigeon.

Crows are opportunistic hunters and will kill any bird that is smaller than them. They will also prey on any injured animals that may be unable to escape. Crows can also hunt young animals that have been left unattended by the mother.

Pigeons, especially those tamed or complacent in the city squares, are therefore perfect prey for the opportunistic crow.  

However, pigeons are not that much smaller than crows. In fact, the crow and the pigeon are of similar size and have a reasonably identical wingspan. So, what makes the crow the superior hunter? 

Author Note: The crow has the upper hand because a crow has a beak designed to cut and rip flesh. And a pigeon?  A pigeon’s beak is designed to pick up grain, rendering it useless against the attack of a crow and its hunter’s beak.

This causes the pigeon incapable of defending itself against the onslaught of other animals and birds like the crow. A Crow has talons that are designed for gripping and holding prey, while pigeon talons are designed for perching. In terms of hunting skills, there is not much comparison.

Because of this, Pigeons have no form of defense against Crows and hence are extremely easy targets for the opportunistic crow.    

Why Do Crows Mob? 

Mobbing is usually an anti-predator behavior. Many bird species use mobbing as a form of self-defense. Mobbing is a type of behavior that takes place when Crows are threatened. The Mobbing tactic is also used when the crows feel they need to protect their offspring.

How Do Crows Mob?

Disturbing footage of a crow viciously attacking pigeons has done the rounds on the internet, especially on social media platforms. This has prompted many people’s curiosity about this bird, and weariness too.

Witnesses mobbing crows is undoubtedly an overused scene in old horror movies, but it is based on real life. Mobbing crows will viciously begin attacking and harassing the perceived threat. Crows have been known to Mob much more massive and fiercer birds like Eagles, Hawks, Buzzards, and Owls

Mobbing is most frequently seen in birds but is also known to occur in numerous other animals. While Mobbing has evolved in many species, it only tends to be present in those whose young are frequently preyed upon.

Why Do Crows Kill Other Crows?

Crows are known to be aggressive birds, and not only for their attack on pigeons. They are also known to attack other crows too. 

Crows fight with each other quite a bit, and Crows do attack and kill other crows. The reasons for crows attacking other crows are not dissimilar to some other species in the animal kingdom. Crows attack each other in the following ways:

The crow being attacked may be part of the family (usually then it’s not too serious) 

if not related, they might be fighting to defend mates, for food or territory. 

Are Crows Intelligent?

Crow eats a dead bird.She gutted the insides with her beak.

The short and sweet answer to this question is yes; crows are considered intelligent

Crows are members of the Corvid family and are among the most intelligent birds in the world.

Author Note: Although birds have tiny brains, they use the allotted space by packing in plenty of neurons.

Recent studies have shown that crows are able to build tools, almost do as well as Ravens. And when it comes to solving puzzles, crows are known to be great puzzle makers. Researchers have also shown that crows can have an uncanny memory for human faces.

“They seem to have a good sense that every person is different and that they need to be approached differently,” says Kevin McGowan, an expert on crows at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, New York. “The crows around here, they know my face,” says McGowan. Initially, the crows seem to dislike him for approaching their space, but after leaving numerous treats, they now really appreciate his visits.”

They know my car, they know my walk, they know me 10 miles away from where they’ve encountered me before.”  They’re just amazing that way.”

Crows Diet

Crows are Omnivores, which in the animal kingdom, means it and will eat almost anything. But their favorite foods include seeds, nuts, grain, and non-insect arthropods. Crows also eat insects, small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, eggs, and other birds.

Although there are a few staples to a crow’s diet, the habitat is crucial to formulating the diet of a crow. A Crow’s diet is directly linked to its habitat. The diet of Urban Crows is very different from Crows living in a more natural environment.

A new study published in the Condor by Dr. Andrea Townsend et al. examines the relationship between urbanization, junk food, and Crows’ body conditions. To conduct this study, her team blood sampled 140 wild Crow nestlings along an urban to rural gradient.

They found that plasma blood cholesterol levels increased in correlation with the amount of impervious surface, which is a typical way we measure urbanization. This finding suggests that birds in the city have more access to high cholesterol foods, and they make haste in gobbling it up.

Urban Environment

In an urban environment, crows will feed on natural supplements like Insects, carrion, seeds, crops and other foods but a large part of their diet compromises on human waste. Apart from scavenging unsecured garbage and hanging around landfills, they also enjoy dog and cat pellets, unsalted peanuts, eggs, fruits, vegetables, as well as chicken, and other meats.

Natural Environment

In a natural environment, crows don’t have the luxury of leftovers and have to scavenge, hunt, and fight for food the old fashioned way. When scavenging, they will eat seeds, grains, fruit and Berries, and eggs. They will also eat insects, worms, and grubs. When hunting, they will eat small rodents, reptiles, amphibians as well as other birds. 


Are they good hunters? Despite being viewed as a vicious and intemperate creature, you’ll be surprised to know that the crow that crows are not considered to be a good hunter. 

Crows are actually not very hunters and fall into the opportunistic hunter category. They will hunt prey that is smaller, injured, or unable to escape. Crows are known to kill nestlings and smaller adult birds.

What is a Crow’s Favorite Food?

Any food from berries to bread will be scoffed down by crow. The crow’s favorite foods include the sweetness of forest fruits as well as the food it can obtain from live prey. 

What other Animals Hunt or Kill Pigeons?

Unfortunately, the Pigeon has many predators in the wild as well. From opossums and accipiters to owls and Hawks/  Most birds of prey hunt pigeons, and you can often see Eagles and kestrels with their sights set on a pigeon. But the pigeon is not only hunted by birds of prey. Gulls and ravens are also known to hunt pigeons. 

The pigeon is an easy target for many animals, including humans. In many large cities, pigeons are used for food by those desperate for a meal. Pigeons often become tamer in the cities as they become accustomed to movement and humans. 

In an urban environment, our furry feline friends are also responsible for many attacks on pigeons. Cats will attack birds in general and are excellent predators who attack and kill pigeons and do so in high numbers due to the stealthiness and speed. Records indicate that cats pounce on one to four billion birds per year in the United States alone.

Is it Wrong to Kill Crows?

When asking the question ‘is it bad to kill crows,’ it has to be accompanied with an answer to ‘why’ the crow needs to be killed.

It is cruel to kill any animal, bird, or beast just for being annoying. 

It is inhumane to kill Crows just for being an inconvenience. Crows store food that they have scavenged for later. This means that other animals could possibly discover their food and be poisoned. Some suggestions to deter Crows would be to secure your trash, feed your pets indoors.

Author Note: If you are feeding your pet outdoors, simply monitor them. Remove their food bowls as soon as they are finished eating. Feed smaller birds with feeders that do not accommodate larger birds and clean up under your feeder regularly. All these are ways to deter crows from encroaching on your private space.

Why Do People Hunt Crows?

Apart from humans killing Crows for fun, the other reason is that most farmers agree that Crows are extremely destructive animals. Crows will eat farmers’ produce and dig the seeds out of the ground. This means that hunting crows is important to curb the possibility of crows becoming pests for farmers. 

Why is there a Crow Hunting Season?

Corvus Cornix or Hooded Crow feasting from a feral pigeon

In the United States, there is a crow hunting season because crows are migratory animals. The United States has treaties with both the Canadian and Mexican authorities. The United States is working tirelessly to ensure more reasonable bag limits on wintering crows.


We hope you found this article on if crows kill pigeons useful. Have your own story dealing with crows? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Fly high friends!


Do crows kill pigeons?

Crows do hunt and kill pigeons, especially when food is scarce. Pigeons are a common food source for crows, and crows have been known to attack and kill adult pigeons as well as their eggs and chicks.

Do crows eat pigeons?

Crows are opportunistic feeders and will eat a wide variety of food, including fruits, seeds, insects, and small animals. Pigeons are a common food source for crows, eating both adult pigeons, their eggs and chicks.

Do crows kill other birds?

Crows are known to be opportunistic predators, and they will kill and eat a wide variety of birds, including pigeons, songbirds, and waterfowl. They also eat eggs and chicks of other birds, including those of threatened and endangered species.

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  1. We have backyard feeders and fresh water for our Birds. I even put a clay saucer with bird seed on the ground for the Pigeons. We live in a Rural Senior Community, many of us enjoy seeing the wildlife in our yards. However, many times we see a small pile of feathers and we see Hawks with prey. I have never seen a Crow kill anything, just picking up the remains. Yesterday, one of our pigeons was viscously attacked and I saw a Crow was sitting on branch with the body in his beak. The lifeless Pigeon’s body fell to the ground when I opened the window. It was upsetting, so I looked it up and saw your information, thank you for, I never knew this.

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