how to get rid of pigeons naturally

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Naturally

Pigeons are beautiful birds but only when you see them from a distance or through a glass window or a door. Get a little close to them and you will realize how dirty and stinky they are.

Add to that, they are smart birds that are known to carry several diseases that can be lethal to human beings. So do you know how to get rid of pigeons naturally?

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Now, these birds love to find nooks and crannies on our properties to hang out, poop, and even build their nests. It’s a dangerous idea to let them do so out of the kindness of your heart.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be demonic and hurt them, especially because there are plenty of harmless ways of getting rid of them. Here’s a look at five really easy options for how to get rid of pigeons naturally.

1. Get Rid of the Water Sources

Birds often reach out to spaces that are inhabited by humans because there might be food crumbs and water drips. Like every other living thing, birds need these to survive.

But when the situation turns from an occasional visiting pigeon to a possible infestation that might be a health hazard, you must take care of it by getting rid of food waste and any water sources. This is the easiest way how to get rid of pigeons naturally.

Author Note: Apart from a birdbath, you might also want to check for any leaking pipes that are serving as water sources. While you are at it, you must also look into the presence of mosquitoes and rodents because those are also quite the attractions for these birds.

2. Make the Place Less Appealing

Then there is the matter of comfort. When pigeons find the landing patch rather appealing they are inclined not to find a new place. While this might not be a big deal, in the beginning, you will find it to be a problem if and when they start building nests, as flimsy as they might be. Remember that pigeons also dislike slippery areas. So, that should be your goal.

Now, some individuals like to install humane bird spikes to get rid of the problem. But all you really need to do is make the place a tough spot for them to hang out. So, a few strings that are not easy to balance upon will do the trick. However, in some situations, you might have to remove existing strings because that might be their area of comfort.

Another way how to get rid of pigeons naturally is to keep the place clean. If you are dealing with a pigeon infestation of sorts in your front or backyard, remember to trim the grass and remove the trash regularly so that it is not as appealing to the pigeons.

3. Use Honey or Pepper Powder

This is a nice little natural solution that does no harm to the bird. And these items are also very likely already in the house. If you want to use honey as the solution, just spread it where the pigeons are most likely hanging out.

Author Note: Spread some of it near their nests and watch what happens. If you want to know the result beforehand, it is the sticky nature of the product that will keep the pigeons from resting on your property.

If you want to use pepper powder, you are still making an excellent choice. Another natural remedy, this is also an item that is most likely already in your kitchen. It is a strong spice and makes it uncomfortable for the pigeon to relax on your balcony or roof. It is a great idea to get rid of the bird naturally from your surroundings.

4. Seal the Entrance and Don’t Feed Them

If you are reading this piece as a precaution, here’s what you want to know. Make sure the bird does not have access to any nooks and crannies where it might relax or make a nest for itself. That itself is a good first step in making them uncomfortable. Typically, pigeons like to find places like chimneys and attics because they will be undisturbed in these areas that are usually not frequented by humans.

You can start by closing the tops of the chimney and other areas of the balcony or roof by placing mesh caps that make the space inaccessible. The same logic is applicable to AC units which are also a favorite among these birds.

And remember that while you might be feeling kind, feeding the pigeon only encourages them to return to your balcony or roof.

5. Use a Water Hose or Scare Them Off

Sometimes it is best to go back to basics. Birds like other creatures that creep into human spaces (or you could argue the opposite is true, but that’s a debate for another day) are often driven away when they experience a good hose down.

But this is a solution only if they have not yet settled into the place. Make sure the hose has a bit of pressure so that they don’t feel like they’re getting a cool shower in the summer months. This is the perfect solution in the first few days of encountering the problem.

You can also try scaring the bird off. Now, this might seem a bit obvious but what you really need to do is wash down the pigeon holes with a little bit of pressure. You can also try adding a plastic predator bird like an owl to the roosting area to drive them away.

Wind chimes and mirrors are also good options when it comes to scaring them off. Pigeons find the reflections to be quite annoying which is a win for you.

The Problem with Ignoring Pigeons

It’s not just about not liking the bird or having to clean their poop off your balcony or roof every so often. There are actually legitimate health concerns that are the result of ignoring a pigeon infestation. Here’s a look at just a few of them.


When there are a ton of pigeon droppings in your balcony or roof—and there will be if you don’t get rid of them in time—the waste becomes ground zero for fungal infections.

Author Note: This can lead to all sorts of skin and lung infections which spread to the rest of the body in no time. You might consider ignoring them just as you did the birds and their poop but some of these are lethal when they are not cured. So, neglect is a horrible idea.


This is a breathing problem that is caused by the fungal spores that come from pigeons. They usually carry these in the materials used to build a nest. This is also a fatal illness and even when it’s not deadly it can become really serious quite quickly.


This is a viral disease that comes from the same bird. Unfortunately, it is quite mild and you will not see any symptoms which makes it a bit of a situation because it doesn’t just go away on its own. When you ignore it, this turns into a serious health problem.


And finally, here’s another fungal infection courtesy of the dirty birds perched on your property. It can get quite serious and lead to a lot of suffering when not treated.

What about Just Killing Them?

Photo by pixabay

Some individuals are not so keen about going the distance when trying to get rid of the birds. Granted this is an extremely annoying problem and might drive you crazy enough to consider the extreme step.

But here’s the catch. It is actually not as effective as you think it is. Culling the bird seems like a solution that will solve your problem immediately but it is actually not a good one because it is not long-lasting.

Pigeons are extremely likely to increase their reproduction process and before you know it, there will be more pigeons on your balcony or roof. So, controlling reproduction is the way to go about it, which of course, is not always in your control. But if you have a pigeon “epidemic,” so to speak, in your region this is the way to go about it.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons Naturally: Are There Other Simple Home Remedies?

It sounds a bit crazy but playing with them psychologically is the best way to get rid of them. And since you patiently read till the end, here’s a bonus tip. Get a couple of tennis balls and hang them on fence posts. Pigeons are known to believe that all round objects are the eyes of a possible predator. So, use balls that are bright in color and you will drive them away from a distance.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with pigeons on your property is a real problem and a lot of people rightfully find it very annoying. There are lots of devices on the market that will hurt them enough to not bring them back.

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to get rid of pigeons naturally.

But let’s remember that the planet (even if not your home or office) is just as much theirs as it is ours. Do it humanely and you won’t have to worry about having to clean up chunks of dead pigeons. Your conscience will also be clear.


Why do pigeons like humans so much?

Animals have 3 goals – to reproduce, to eat and to have shelter. Humans provide all the resources that pigeons need to achieve those goals. Roof and building spaces provide shelter and a space for nesting and in the streets we give them ample food in the form of scraps. That is why, pigeons are always in urban areas.

What is the difference between a pigeon and a dove.

Dove is just the fancy name for a pigeon that has been bred for a purpose, for example, being pure white.

How did pigeons end up being everywhere?

Pigeons were domesticated early on in human civilization because of their homing skills. Unfortunately, some birds did not return to their human or were released. These birds started other colonies and the rest is history!

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