what to feed Crows

What to Feed Crows? Read This First

Crows are known as opportunistic hunters. They have a reputation for finding food wherever they are. The crow is known as a bird that can eat almost anything but can still be picky. They tend to “sniff” around until they find the food they really want. So, it seems it’s easy to get a crowd’s attention, but how do you give it the food that it wants? What should you feed crows?

Crows are omnivores and will eat almost anything. Whether it’s a potato chip or a lettuce leaf, they might just slug it down. Even though you could feed them anything, that means you have even more responsibility to make sure you’re giving them healthy options. 

So, what do crows like? Crows can be fussy, despite showing interest and tasting almost any food. But if you want to earn their trust, then it will take some trial and error. 

Sure, you could feed them a whole host of unhealthy junk food, and they’re probably going to devour it. But does that mean you should give them junk food? No, and please don’t. As we are all well aware, there are both healthy and the not so healthy foods to eat.

If we are in a position where we can give crows food, perhaps we can make healthy choices. And if we don’t make healthy choices for ourselves, we might as well make healthy choices for the crows.

While crows are not the most predictable birds, they are curious. So getting their attention won’t be any problem. But they are notorious for displaying fickle behavior. But while they might be fickle, they display behavior for you to understand what they do like and what they don’t. 

What is a Crow’s Favorite Food?

Young crow feeding from mother

There are a variety of foods that crows enjoy- dog pellets is one of them. Small dog pellets, cat food, unsalted peanuts, eggs, and various nuts and seeds. Crows are also known to enjoy a buffet of vegetables and fruits. But, they are also known to enjoy chicken.

Crows are, by nature, inquisitive and will taste different foods until they find one they like. And when they find a food they like, they will seek it out. And not just seek, but they might become pushy and demand it. But remember that crows are not just inquisitive but brilliant creatures. So once you spoil them, they might just remember you and keep coming back for more. And more. And more. Be ready to deal with a demanding crow if you do give them delicious foods. 

Author Note: Crows have been associated with mythical nuances. Whether it’s folklore, myth, or legend, these often paint crows as sinister beings, but crows shouldn’t always be considered evil. 

Despite the crow’s darker reputation, they are friendly and curious by nature. This curiosity, if they earn your trust, could soon develop into a friendship. A friendship? Yes, a friendship with a feathered bird. They are clever creatures and have shown that they can make friends with humans. 

So, how can you make a crow your best friend? This is an important question after you know what to feed crows.

Anyone that is interested in crows is wondering how to befriend them. The best way to a crow’s heart is through its stomach. So, we’ve already covered what food a crow loves, but what else should you know about these curious corvids?

Is It Good to Feed Crows?

And once again, we circle back to the question of ethics and whether or not it is good to feed crows. Crows are highly intelligent creatures. So, it comes as no surprise that they would be hesitant to trust a human being. But that just means it is even more worthwhile to put in the effort to do it. 

Take a look at this list of healthy and tasty treats to feed your potential corvid friend

Best Things to Feed Crows


Many bird species love nuts. Whether it’s peanuts, hazelnuts, or walnuts. All the nuts and seeds you give them must be free from salt and seasoning. Crows love nuts, and they will probably love salted nuts, but you should not give them salted nuts. Shelled peanuts and almonds tend to be the most popular amongst the crow family. 

Quality Pet Pellets

Corvus Cornix or Hooded Crow feasting from a feral pigeon

There are many reports of crows loving small dry dog and cat pellets. But they could also choke on the sry pellets, so it might be a good idea to soak the pellets with water first. If you really want to give crows a treat, you could offer them wet food. This is sure to be a real hit.

But, let’s face it. Most canned and packet wet food have questionable ingredients and high amounts of sugars. If you do try to entice crows with cat or dog food, please check the ingredients and get the highest quality food. 

Hard-boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are an excellent treat for a crow’s diet. They love them. You could serve them whole boiled eggs with the shell still on, or you could cut them into pieces and serve them as if they were the prince and princesses of the bird kingdom.

Crows love the egg yolk, and if they do not have a large appetite at the time, they will just pick at the yolk. 


Crows are omnivores, which means they will make a feast out of your meaty kitchen scraps. But, be careful when giving crow meat. They love sausage, chicken, ham, and even small pieces of fish.

Top Tip: But avoid highly processed meats. Processed meat such as sausages and hams typically have a high salt content. High sodium levels can be harmful to birds and so remember to be mindful of what you are feeding them. 


Are insects on the top of your shopping list? No, of course not. But instead of ordering a tub of crickets on Amazon, you should know there are better options. You could swing by your local farmers’ store or co-op for some mealworm. Many different birds will eat mealworm, so be prepared to have a host of other species attracted to your yard. 

Berries and Fruits

Crows will eat whichever fruits and berries are in season, and these make the perfect treats for these birds. Add some blueberries, apples, and even some grapes to their feeding tray. These are healthy treats to offer your potential crow friends. Just remember that they might always opt for junk food instead. 

To end this off, we need to cover what to avoid. We have already mentioned that you should avoid sugar and salt. You should not give highly processed foods such as white bread, seasoned nuts, and seasoned meats to crows. Or at least in the smallest quantities. If you are going to give wild bird food, make sure that it is as healthy as possible. 

And as a final tip, leave a little bit of water close to the food. Crows have been known to enjoy some fresh water to wash down their meal. Intelligent and crafty, there’s more to the crow than the sinister Hollywood features. 

How Do You Befriend Crows?

Black Crow killing and eating a small bird

As we have said, the way to befriend crows is through their stomachs. This is true of many different species, and no less for the crow species. An animal will usually only eat to satisfy their survival instincts. But, animals will also over eat if they like what they are tasting.

So this is where the question of ethics comes in. Is it ethical to feed a wild bird or a crow? Equally important to know is whether or not it is legal to feed wild birds. Always check your local wildlife laws about the legality of feeding wild birds, including crows. 

When deciding on an answer to the question of ethics, there is no clear-cut answer. There are a couple of things to ask yourself to try to answer this question. Firstly, are the birds endangered, and is the food healthy and appropriate?

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, is that you need to understand whether or not the feeding will change their natural behavior. 

Establish a Feeding Routine

Firstly, routine is the perfect way to establish trust. The crow will learn that you are reliable, and the schedule will help you remember to feed them. If a crow can predict your schedule, they can learn to anticipate your movements. And if you stick with this routine, you will earn their trust as they learn that your movements and routines are predictable. 

Is Feeding Crows Illegal? 

This is an essential question to find the answer to. Whether or not feeding is a crow is illegal depends mainly on your jurisdictions. There are many areas where it is illegal to feed wild birds if it would become a nuisance. There are many different bylaws in the different jurisdictions, so make sure you check on these laws. 

Author Note: Once you know where you stand legally, you have to decide what you want to offer the crows as food. Their favorite food seems to be small dried pellets. They also love eggs, nuts, and a whole host of kitchen scraps. 

As we have said before, the food you offer them must be healthy. 


Although crows will eat grubs and insects, they may be harder to come by. Mealworm is also an excellent alternative and easily found along with other bird seeds in stores. Kitchen scraps, eggs, and bread are also all foods crows have been known to enjoy.

Crows will investigate just about anything you have on offer for them, though, so it may take some time of trial and error to see what particular foods your crows fancy. We hope you enjoyed this guide on what to feed Crows.

Fly high friends!

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  1. I give my ground feeders puppy buscuits, crows, magpies, blackbirds, pidgeons love them. I have a small pond and bowls of water nearby.

  2. Thank you. I have about four crows that come by every day for peanuts and boiled egg. They are so wonderful to watch.

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