Can Chickens Eat Pineapple

Can Chickens Eat Pineapple?

A typical diet for a chicken usually consists of grain grit and a few additional bugs into the mix. Although that doesn’t mean they don’t love a range of other foods, too. 

When feeding your chickens, it’s important to know what they can and can’t eat. While they enjoy a range of foods, this doesn’t mean they can eat everything and anything. 

There are some foods that chickens should avoid at all costs. This includes stuff like candy, processed treats, and other junk food. If your chicken were to be fed these foods, it could result in sickness, and, worst case, death. 

Thus, you may be wondering, what can chickens eat? And can they eat pineapple? Well, the short answer is yes, chickens can eat pineapple! Most chickens enjoy this as a tasty treat.

However, you should keep in mind that there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to feeding your chickens this fruit. With this in mind, I have created this article to provide you with everything you need to know about chickens and the role pineapple plays in their diet. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

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Can Chickens Eat Pineapple?

As previously mentioned, yes, chickens are able to eat pineapple. Remove all the fibrous outer skin and leaves are and, once done, you can provide your chickens with a sweet treat that is rich in Vitamin C and minerals. 

That being said, make sure to follow the feeding guidelines below.

  • Since pineapple contains a lot of sugar it should be given in moderations as too much can cause bezoars, diarrhea, health problems, weight gain, and decreased egg quality. 
  • When it comes down to it, chickens are natural scavengers, meaning they will happily try and experiment with new food. Although, they can also be incredibly picky eaters, too. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your chicken takes a few pecks of the pineapple, decides they don’t like it, and then walks away.
  • If the pineapple is not yet ripe, the chickens won’t eat it. This is the same for an overripe pineapple, too. 

Leonie McKinlay, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, confirms that pineapple makes for a healthy occasional treat for chickens.

Additionally, it should never replace your chicken’s main feed, either. If your chickens don’t like pineapple, then don’t worry – there are various fruits your hens will eat and love. 

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Advantages Of Feeding Your Chickens Pineapple

When fed in moderation, pineapple can actually be beneficial to the health of your chickens. Not only does it boost their immune system, but prevents them from becoming sick, too. The result is a healthier and bigger chicken. 

Pineapple contains no saturated fats, or cholesterol, and is a good source of a proteolytic enzyme known as bromelain that aids in digestion. Plus, it has anti-clotting, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties, too. Lastly, pineapple is a great source of vitamin C.

To top this all off, chickens who consume pineapple on a regular basis are known to contain less worms, help indigestion issues, and fight against arthritis. 

Disadvantages Of Feeding Your Chickens Pineapple

While many chickens like eating scraps, this doesn’t mean that all of them do. As such, some chickens won’t even go near pineapple. These scraps will then be left unwanted and begin to rot and smell.

To avoid this from happening, it is best to see which chickens like pineapples and which ones don’t – this way you can avoid your yard from becoming a composite pit. 

Another disadvantage is that pineapple can sometimes be hard to digest for some chickens. The result of this would be the chicken not having enough nutrients to lay a healthy egg. 

The key is to remember to feed your chickens pineapple in moderation, then they shouldn’t have any problems digesting this fruit.

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Feeding Guidelines

Remove The Peel And Chop It Into Small Chunks

The outside of the pineapple, otherwise known as the peel, is far too fibrous and tough for chickens to digest. Therefore, ensure you’re cutting away all the peel, and removing tough, sharp leaves, too, since the chickens won’t want to eat these bits. 

Then, you should chop the pineapple into bite-sized pieces. Since chickens don’t have teeth, this is incredibly important. You need to ensure that they are small enough for them to pick up and eat. 

Feed Two-Three Times A Week

When it comes to your chicken’s total food intake, treats shouldn’t make up more than 10%.

Since pineapple can be extremely sugar and acidic, you’ll want to keep it down to approximately 5% of your chicken’s daily intake. 

Plus, don’t feed pineapple more than two or three times a week, mixing in other treats throughout the week. 

Final Thoughts

Chickens are known to eat a wide variety of foods. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are able or want to get everything you put down in front of them. 

One of these foods includes pineapple. While it can be extremely beneficial, not all chickens will like the taste of it – and that’s fine, too!


Can I feed chickens raw pineapple?

Yes, chickens can safely eat raw pineapple. Pineapple is a healthy treat for chickens that can provide them with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, it should be offered in moderation as a supplement to their regular diet of feed, as it is high in sugar and can lead to digestive upset if fed in large amounts.

Can chickens eat all parts of pineapple?

Yes, chickens can eat all parts of a pineapple, including the flesh, skin, and core. However, it is best to remove the tough outer skin and eyes of the pineapple before feeding it to your chickens, as they can be difficult for them to digest.

What is the healthiest fruit for chickens?

Typically speaking, berries, grapes, apples, melons and peaches are some of the healthiest fruit for chickens as they are rich in Vitamin A, C and K as well as fiber to help with digestion.

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