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Sounds That Scare Geese: Get Rid of Geese Fast

If you happen to spot geese on your property, it can be a lovely view the first few times. But sooner rather than later, you will realize that you don’t want these birds lingering on your property because, for one, they are really loud and the sound is rather unpleasant. So what are some sounds that scare away geese?

And two, they are famous for their droppings which can quickly become a health hazard, not unlike pigeons. And it’s really bad for children too. So, here are a few humane ways to get rid of geese and keep the problem from repeating itself.

The Relationship Between Geese and Sound

Hearing is an important sense even for geese, albeit after sight. Now, waterfowl like geese and ducks do not have ears with appendages on the outside. This is probably why you don’t remember seeing their ears.

Geese’s ears are a little backward and under their eyes on the latitudinal scale. In fact, the openings are covered with feathers that are called auriculars. Their purpose is to protect the ears and muffle the sounds coming from the wind when the birds are flying.

Now, these birds use a lot of vocals in the form of calls to talk to each other. Their ability to tell the difference between one call and the other is very important to their ability to survive whether it is out in the wild or among humans (and sometimes from us).

They also depend on the communication based on these calls to keep in touch with their young ones and mates. And, they can transcend the sounds of a noisy flock to hear the sounds they are looking for. These sounds often help them get basic tasks done, like finding food and staying away from predators.

What’s interesting about waterfowl is that they learn how to identify these sounds while they are still an embryo. The mama goose’s voice makes this possible and the phenomenon is called imprinting.

Author Note: Mama geese sometimes use these sounds to talk to each other and synchronize their hatching schedule. And 24 hours later, the babies answer their mama’s call telling them it is time to walk away from the nest and be their own individuals.

Now, because voice plays such a critical part in the life and times of geese, it is of great advantage to humans who want to get rid of these geese. Let’s take a look at all the things we can do to get rid of geese using noise.

What Are Sound Bird Deterrents?

Over time, humans have developed many instruments that can create sounds that scare away both Florida and Canadian geese. These are typically referred to as sound bird deterrents in the market and are used to get rid of geese that are gathering in huge open spaces.

These devices usually come with the ability to broadcast a different set of sounds that are repeated over a period of time. Some of them are based on the communication calls used by geese to warn each other of dangerous situations.

There was a time when we tried ultrasonic sounds to scare them off but turns out birds have the same hearing range as us human beings. So, supersonic sounds are the perfect choice if you are looking for an electronic deterrent. But now, let’s look at the nature of sounds that scare geese away because these devices are actually built around this knowledge.

1. Predator Calls

These are calls that are often used by bird deterrent systems for obvious reasons. They sound like communication calls made by birds to alert each other of the presence of predators in the vicinity.

These are sounds that can scare not just geese but a variety of other birds too and do so humanely. They work really well in open spaces like large gardens, rooftops, and backyards. They can also be used in commercial, municipal, and industrial areas apart from residential spaces.

Author Note: Predator calls are basically our way of using the birds’ sense of alertness to our advantage. Some high-frequency bird deterrents also use ultrasonic sounds but these are not as effective because as mentioned earlier, the hearing range of birds is the same as humans.

They sound as natural as regular bird calls and the added advantage of that is they will not annoy your neighbors or pets. These devices are easy to use and come with a range of settings that are for specific birds like geese.

But you can put them in a general setting and that will work for all birds. Some devices replay the call every 10 minutes or so to keep the birds in check. And you can add a timer to them so that you don’t have to manually switch off the device. Now, many of these devices are portable and some of them are also sustainable because they run on solar power.

2. Barking Dogs

This is considered to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of geese from a space and you don’t necessarily need to have a device to make this happen. Geese-herding dogs are extremely scary to these birds.

The sound is a communication call that indicates to geese that they are unsafe because of the presence of predators in the area. So, the concept is the same as the first example.

But these sounds can be made only by dogs that are trained and/or are working with a handler. When it is executed well, these sounds get the geese flying in no time. But if it is not done properly, the geese only go as far as finding water.

Author Note: That is a problem because soon if they don’t find a dog, they don’t take the threat seriously which makes it a bigger problem because they are prepared for your trickery.

Some devices also use flashing LED lights along with the sound which makes it a much more powerful weapon to have because they can scare away a lot more than just birds.

They are considered smart devices, can be activated using motion sensors, and are very effective at day or night. If you use them at night, you can rest assured that the geese will start their day somewhere else which no longer makes them your problem.

Now, if you are going to use a real dog, you must make sure that these animals never actually catch the geese. The dogs must also be treated well, like employees. At this point, it is also important to note that you don’t want to try these scare tactics with geese that are raising young ones or are still nesting.

3. Goose Distress Calls

This is once again a way of using their own communication calls against them. This is also available as a setting in many bird noisemakers. They are particularly useful against Canadian geese but work quite effectively against the others too.

The distress call is a part of sonic repellent devices that is a great way of getting rid of geese but only if you keep the device switched on at all times. That is because they are a stop-gap solution while you look for a permanent way to keep these birds off your property.

Author Note: If you are buying one of these devices, you might want to look for one which has solar panels which reduces the amount of manual work you need to do in terms of maintenance.

These devices also come with a timer since the device must make the sound regularly. Typically, each sound lasts for about two minutes and is then repeated every 10 minutes or so. And make sure you check the range of these devices especially if you are using them in large open spaces.

Other Options for Non-residential Settings

  • Pyrotechnics: Apart from those, you can use whistles or noise bombs to scare away geese. These birds really dislike loud sounds which is perfect for your cause. But that is why this is not the best solution for residential areas.
  • Propane Cannon: This is another device that creates a loud banging noise that gets rids of geese rather effectively. You might want to think about getting multiple cannons so that you can move them from their positions because geese tend to get used to them. You can change positions and make the geese uncomfortable while still being humane.
  • Firearm Blanks: This one is self-explanatory. Don’t point them towards the geese. The principle is the same as the previous ones. It’s the loud sound that keeps them off your property.

Wrapping Up

You can use other devices that use lasers and lights to scare away geese. But if your heart is set on noises, you must look for loud noises, devices that emulate communication calls about the presence of a predator, or general geese distress calls so that the flock leaves your property.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best sounds that scare away geese.

Fly high friends!


What is the best way to deal with geese?

The best way to come to terms with geese is to learn to love them. Try looking at them with fresh eyes, as if you had never seen them before. They are attractive and interesting birds, just wanting to look after their families.

How do they deal with too many geese?

The increase of feral populations of geese, particularly Canada Gees and Greylag Geese has led to some interesting population controls. Local authorities used to cull them but it is not a very popular activity amongst local people! Then they started taking eggs from the nests but the birds would just lay more. Nowadays, they replace eggs with rubber ones and the birds just sit on it all season.

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